Do you do the emceeing for the night?

Yes, we are more than happy to emcee the night for you! Our leader, Bill Grosch, handles all the master of ceremonies duties which include, the Wedding Party introductions, the cake cutting, the introduction of the “Father of the Bride” for his welcome, the introduction of the minister for the blessing over the food, the introduction of the “Best Man” for the toast, the first song introduction, the father/daughter dance introduction, the mother/son dance introduction, and the garter/bouquet toss. Should you have any additional requests, or would like to use our wireless microphone to make your own toasts or introductions or to just tell a funny story about the bridal couple, you are more than welcome!

Can we pick our songs for the night?

Yes, you are more than welcome to take our song list and highlight the songs you want to hear and cross out the songs you do not want to hear.

If we want a song that is not on your song list, can you learn it for us?

Yes, not a problem, we are always learning new songs for our brides’ special requests. We only ask that you give us a minimum of three weeks notice to learn your song at our practice rehearsals.

My uncle Bob used to be in band; would it be permissible for Uncle Bob to sing a song dedicated to us?

Yes, not a problem. In fact we would be more than happy to have Uncle Bob come up and sing to you! These moments really make a reception special and create a great “Kodak” memory!

How many breaks do you take a night, and do you play a CD on your breaks?

During an average four hour reception, the band will take two fifteen minute breaks. We typically take our breaks when it is a good time in the progression of the reception for a break, such as near the end of dinner, and at the garter/bouquet toss. During the breaks we do play CD’s through our state of the art sound system and you are more than welcome to make you own personalized CD and we will be happy to play it for you.

We are having our reception in a small venue for only about 100 people, can you physically fit in the area designated, and will you blow us away with the volume?

Great question! First of all, we are a very experienced band with the finest quality members who combined, have over 300 years of experience. If there is one thing that we have been very conscious of over the past 30 years is our volume! I can honestly tell you that we never receive complaints for this. Over the years, we have had a great long term working relationships with the Bob Kuban Entertainment Agency as well as the Dick Hall Agency. The caliber of these two agencies and the standards that they have set, dictates that we must be a very professional band in all matters including the volume of the band. Regarding your question about the band being able to physically fit into a small space; many of the banquet facilities and country clubs we play have very limited space for the band. In these cases we scale back our PA system, amplifiers, lighting and drums to fit the room. Our extensive experience has taken us to just about every wedding reception location in the greater bi-state area so we have previous history on the how the room sounds and what is required equipment wise. In conclusion, we have not yet found a location that is so small that prohibits the band from doing an excellent job.

Our wedding reception is going to be outdoors; do you play at outdoor receptions, and are there any special considerations we need to know that you would require?

Yes, we do play outdoors quite often during the year for wedding receptions, park concerts, school picnics and company parties. There are no real concerns on our end other than having the proper electric source at the site and having protection in case the weather turns for the worse. In fact, we have been very lucky with the weather over the past 31 years with no rain out dates. Keep your fingers crossed for this year and ask the “Pink Sisters” to say a prayer for your date. Outdoor wedding receptions are very elegant and add a special romantic charm to the night.

Does Trilogy ever play out with less than eight pieces?

Good question! We offer a duo, a trio, or a quartet for cocktail hours or for music during dinner. However, when it comes to playing a full evening’s performance we only offer the eight piece group. The reasoning for this is very simple: all of our songs, arrangements, solos, and vocal harmonies are based on the whole group making a contribution. In our band, where we have seven members who have lead vocal abilities, we try to spread the songs around and add harmonies to make it more interesting for our guests as well as the musicians. This makes each band member feel like he is part of the presentation, adds more energy to the presentation, keeps the band members challenged, allows the band to play more of a variety of songs and the ultimately gives the client a great performance. In addition, if the band members are all happy with their responsibilities there is less turnover in the band and the quality of the band remains constant from job to job.

We saw your band at a bridal show and were originally going to have a DJ at our reception, but after comparing the price of the DJ to your price, and how great you guys sounded and the atmosphere and elegance that live music brings along with the energy; we were wondering how do we book you?

Thanks, for the compliments! We are hearing a great deal of these comments from couples like you that we are meeting at the Wedding Market Bridal Shows! We guess that paying $800- $900 dollars for a DJ that wears wigs, plays a blow up guitar, and maybe has had all of one years experience in the wedding reception business is not your idea of elegance and a little too scary for the “biggest day of your life.” We would also be a little worried too, if on the DJ’s website there was an employment application for new DJ’s which signals a high turnover rate and no loyalty to the client. Regarding booking the band, it is very easy just give us a call at 636-441-9726 or send us an E-Mail at this website and we will send you out two contracts that you in turn sign and send one back with a deposit of $200.00. Then get ready for the best day of your life!

We were considering your band and another eight piece band for our reception. We received both sample CD’s and liked them both, but when we went to see your band, well, you blew the other guys away, and on top of it you were so much more reasonable in price! How do you do it? Send me a contract now!

Once again, thanks for the compliment! We always encourage our prospective brides and clients to come out and see the band. The success of your wedding reception, party, dance or corporate event depends on you making an educated decision and feeling comfortable with your decision. Don’t be misled by fancy websites, slick DVD’s and high pressure sales pitches which only equate to higher prices passed on to you! The success of “Trilogy” is directly attributed to the fine musicians of the current team and past players who have set a high standard for excellence. When you come out and see the band perform, know that you are seeing over 30 years of dedication, hard work, and love for performing and music with a whole lot of fun thrown in along the way too!